Cabinet Ministers

However, we'll discuss this in the future. work functions (the work of positions in accordance with the staffing profession, specializing in the qualifications, specific type of task the employee works). If, in accordance with this Code and other federal laws with work on certain jobs, professions and specialties related to the provision of compensation and benefits or whether there are restrictions, the name of these positions, professions or occupations and qualifications to them must match the name and the requirements specified in Qualifying to be approved in accordance with the procedure established by the Government of the Russian Federation, for example, your labor may function belong to these professions and positions, which included a number of additional compensation and benefits. This may be entitled to additional leave and shorter working hours, relating to working in harmful working conditions of employees, professions and positions are included in the List approved by the USSR and the All Goskomtrud from 25.10.1974g. 298 / P-22. That may be eligible for preferential pension benefits, which are employees performing work in professions (positions) included in the lists of productions, works, professions, positions, and the exponent giving the right to privileged pensions, approved by Cabinet Ministers of the USSR 26.01.1991g. 10. (In all cases, the implementation of these works the name of the professions and positions of employees must match the name specified in these Schedules.) Or a ban on the performance of heavy work and works with hazardous or dangerous working conditions for women (in accordance with Article 253 of the Labour Code, "Works, which is limited to the employment of women") and persons younger than 18 years (in accordance with Article 265 of the Labour Code, "Works, which prohibits employment of persons under the age of eighteen years ") Job is a type of work, defined the nature and purpose of work functions.

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