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Located on the Aurobahn a flat tire, the worst what might happen, or? A flat tire what next? The worst thing that can happen. You get a flat tire on the highway and that the end still at a fairly high speed. But with a kits tires no problem, because this “carefree tires” simply continues. Now don’t panic, get, take the next exit and drive comfortably home or to the nearest shop. With a run flat tires can go, if you adhere to the prescribed speed of 80 km/h, more than 100 kilometers. This sort of “Carefree tires” is called run flat tyres, run flat tyres or RunOnFlat tires. They are not small to get by a nail, Nick, and sudden loss of pressure. Barely noticeable, even enormous loss of compressed air changed the braking and steering of the vehicle.

The damage is noticeable only by the prescribed air pressure warning system. Unlike an ordinary tire, the run flat tires has stiffened the side of tire and prevent, in Pressure loss, the plates from the rim. With this system, the run-flat technology provides for more safety on the road. Who has equipped his car from the factory with Dunlop RunOnFlat tires, can enjoy the use of run flat tires is the emergency wheel, often not very user friendly Jack, as well as the, necessary to change the tyre, tools superfluous. The resulting storage space is only an additional advantage.

A run flat tires offers security and a good driving experience first and foremost. Who uses RunOnFlat tyre saves additional costs for spare tire, Jack, or sealant and Additionally the fuel consumption is reduced by eliminating this puncture tool – less weight means less fuel consumption. A larger storage space, lower fuel consumption as also a safe driving experience. rmation. What are the opportunities of the RunFlat technology? A large development potential in RunFlat technology. The basic system of run flat tires with reinforced side walls, in cooperation with the Luftdruckkontroll system has proven its reliability already many years. Now, more technical innovations and developments are tested. “An intelligent tire” the modern RFT and GPS technology will open up here new possibilities. Would it be great if your tire air pressure monitoring system indicates a puncture, at the same time your vehicle’s GPS system locates the nearest service point and she leads on the fastest way in the workshop. There you are waiting, as also the workshop was informed. A new Dunlop RunOnFlat tires available for you and provides for a quick and safe journey.

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