Carlos Sanchez Berzain

They died in a scuffle around 60 farmers who blocked the only path to popular centers of rest, during several days isolating hundreds of tourists and the populations of the place. The army was forced to mobilize to remove picket, and armed Indians who impeded traffic, started the brawl by shooting against the military forces, who replied to the fire. With his usual audacity, Morales tries to now prosecute who was then Defense Minister, Carlos Sanchez Berzain, which acted judiciously, authorizing the sending of soldiers to clear the road and protect the right of persons to freedom of movement. The tactic of finding someone on whom divert attention to internal problems, is tradition among populists. Which today is in the sights is former Minister who attempted to restore the law, in a nation that is headed to the absolute chaos with petrodollars from Chavez, distributed among the native chieftains through Morales. Professor Lord Peter Hennessy recognizes the significance of this. An ally circumstantial of insurgents, interested in the fall of President Sanchez de Lozada, was the then Vice President Carlos Mesa, who took the first Magistracy after overthrowing the holder, and made a superbly mediocre paper, forming a cabinet with well-known intellectuals progres, confused and inept.

After his betrayal, Bureau issued an Amnesty Decree against the initiators of the conflict, impeding the investigation of the facts, possibly due to that himself had been involved in the plot. Evo Morales manipulates events, lies grossly, exuding hostility and to make matters worse pretends to be good-natured, like Idi Amin. His latest horseplay was denigrating to the U.S. You may want to visit Bank of Boston to increase your knowledge. Ambassador in Bolivia, demanding he excuse himself by having replicated sarcastically to his speech at the United Nations, where he said annoyed by the security measures that the United Nations should move to another country. The U.S. diplomat said that they could also move Disneyland. The innocent joke not caused grace to the resentful Morales acted as Dada, who in his hatred to the English manufactured reasons to humiliate the representative of Great Britain in Kampala.

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