Carriage Transport

You must first decide how and what goods are shipped. For the carriage of liquid foodstuffs such as wine, oil, vinegar, ethyl alcohol, chocolate syrup, molasses, beer tanks are special foods that differ in that they have a drain at the bottom and are marked in some way. Before loading the tanks undergo special training, carried out by a transport company. Preparation is a very thorough treatment of the inner surface of the tank by the products to be transported in a tank. Tanks and containers for transportation of food products must meet the standards of ISO.

For transport complex products such as beer, for example, uses special tank containers with equipment to maintain temperature and pressure of carbon dioxide in the environment. For transportation of liquid chocolate, fructose or other sobritov need to maintain a certain temperature and transport products very quickly, or they completely lose their properties. For the transport of chemicals, such as Liquefied gases, ethyl liquid yellow phosphorus acid use special tanks for each individual type of cargo and are used only for them. In the carriage of gases put equipment to measure the pressure (gauge). For transportation bulk cargo using special containers for bulk cargo, which can be downloaded either in the usual way, or under pressure.

There are containers for the transport of goods that require certain temperature conditions – it's reefer containers, insulated containers, etc. Selecting a specific type of container depends on the product carried if there is a need to carry piece or packaged cargo – you must select either universal or specialized container. A specialized container differs in that it can load not only through the side doors, but otherwise, as well as possessing what else special design features. Now that we understand what and how to move cargo, we turn to some points related to the actual transportation. First of all, let us consider the terms "Intermodal" and "multimodal" transportation. – Intermodal transport – Transport of goods by one or more modes of transport without handling the goods themselves in changing transport. – Multimodal transportation – transportation Cargo transport is a change – for example, first shipment was carried by road, and then move the cargo, for example, in the plane for further transportation. To select the optimal supply chain, "Door to door" transport logistics department of the company there. Specialists in logistics will pave the route, calculate the delivery time and cost of transportation, will oversee the transportation, so to speak, on-line. Logistics professional transport companies is always the monitored transport market in countries where the company has partners and know the pricing policy in each of the partner countries. A very important point at the conclusion of contract with a transport company to which you want to pay attention – the "limit of liability." Limit of liability – this is the maximum amount of money that the sender receives from the carrier if cargo will be lost, damaged, or delivered nevovremya. Typically, the maximum amount of 100% of the weight plus the penalties stipulated by the contract and the law. Thus, choosing the shipping company, is Please note the following: whether 1.est qualified logistics service 2. firm partners in the countries where the shipment of cargo. 3. "Liability limit" of the transportation company for a specific load. 4.Nalichie equipped with all necessary means loading terminal, a set of machines and cargo units, including tanks and containers for a variety of materials, containers, coolers, refrigerators and thermoses, and and high-container to maintain a special environment (pressure, temperature)

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