Chinese Treaty

That owners and tenants should improve its production was a matter of concern to the State, from the 6th century ac. Thereafter, it relied heavily on taxes on the land for their income. The support of the relevant agricultural research and dissemination of information and advice had begun after the last dynasty have (25-220 AD). The agricultural Treaty Chinese oldest that has managed to survive, essential techniques / or the peasantry, which dates from the 535 ad, with the objective of showing how landowners could improve your asset management through advice given to their tenants. Dynasties Sung and Yuan (960-1368) with the administrations of local governments of their company were notable in the Organization and promotion of research work of agricultural extension, and the teaching of agriculture and sericulture, most facilitated by the invention of the printing press in wood, which allowed agricultural treaties and practical guides for its wide dissemination. Similar activities continued during the following dynasties Ming (1368-1644) and Chi Eng (1644-1912), driven not only by the growing population and the periodic threats of famine, but also by the State recognition of the importance of well-coordinated work on recommendations agricultural extension, was always more the benefit that you would get (Perkins, 1969;) Elvin, 1973; Bray, 1984; Delman, 1991).

The direct antecedents of organized research agricultural and dissemination of its results that occurred in the 19th century in Europe and North America dates back to the Renaissance, which began in the 14th century. Between 1300 and 1700, European society was transformed from its medieval feudal forms into recognizable modern systems social. Along with the growth of national States and European exploration and discovery the rest of the world was the new learning. This would imply not only a new appreciation of the written classical rediscovered art forms, but also many new ideas and activities, with a spirit of humanism, and the rational investigation.

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