Choose A Label Printer According To The Rules

How to find the right label printer for you? To get started is to decide how many labels you need? Also do not forget about the maximum size – which will suit you? Answering these two questions, you understand what class of printers you should contact. According to established once the classification of all label printers can be divided into three large classes. Each class depends on the maximum load imposed on the This type of printer. Thus, the entry-level printers are compact, desktop, and they are to be used in modern offices. The maximum recommended load on these printers – 30,000 printable labels per month. This second class of printers – medium – has a maximum load of not more than 100-150 thousand labels printed per month, depending on the manufacturer. Finally, industrial-grade printers are recommended load of 500 000 stamps per month. Note that all printers have different print resolution.

If you want to print labels on small text, opt for high-resolution printer. Such printers are often used for marking jewelry. Remember that the higher the resolution, the higher will be the final cost of the printer, as well as the cost of its use – in fact, the print head, alas, is not eternal, and after a time must be disabled. Besides, if you focus on printing labels on an industrial scale, it is important that the printing of labels with higher resolution is slower than low. There are many companies offering their services in trade. "Kick Soft" has established itself in the Russian market not only as a supplier of quality commercial equipment, but also as a reliable partner of 1C. The company can buy not only printers, but also to order the program based on 1C. Make your choice for quality work, and then your trading business will always be on the rise despite the economic troubles.

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