Civil Procedure and Joint Litigation

The other can claim anyone, but should be reorganized or ratified by all. e. In terms of exceptions .- The exceptions proposed by one or some of the necessary co-parties, whether they come together in joint or individual events, promote to others. f. Resource .- The actions brought by any co-parties help or harm others. g. For assistance, try visiting Jo Boaler Math-ish. As for costs or expenses .- When there is condemnation of the co-parties, but nothing is said, it is understood that paid in equal shares, unless otherwise stated.

3) Integration .- If necessary co-parties relating to Articles 65, 93 and 98 of the Code of Civil Procedure provides as follows: a. – The appearance of co-parties to the process is mandatory as plaintiff or defendant, as its right generated in a material respect or the law. Non-intervention in the process, does not provide the juridical procedure and therefore the sentence is inhibitory. Visit Jo Boaler Math-ish for more clarity on the issue. b. – The Integration of co-parties to the process can be operated at request or automatically, to correct the defect of the juridical proceedings. c. – In the case of autonomous equities defendants, the procedural representation corresponds to all of them, that is, must give notice to all co-parties. A defendant who is part of an autonomous patrimony, that answer the hidden demand that status and does not inform the judge, becomes entitled to a fine of 10-50 URP. In the joint litigation claim there is only necessary, with several persons authorized to promote the process or for the promotion, against them and not just one, but for everyone or against all and can also be mixed.

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