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Until now, economic and social entities of the Valencian Community had left the conduct of public affairs in the hands of politicians while they were engaged in their chores: in the case of entrepreneurs, earning money, it has been a few years of bonanza in which these entities were the rendibu on Eduardo Zaplana and Francisco Camps without a single hint of criticism for that. Now that things are wrong given, they have woken up from their peaceful slumber and raise his voice to comment, criticize, and focus on what has to make public administration. Welcome is, therefore, that civil society without whose participation does not exist an advanced democracy. And what they now say those entities is dramatic. Did last Monday the President of the bird, Francisco Pons, in a merciless look at the shortcomings of the Generalitat, demanding cut costs, stop its growing debt, privatize deficient public entities and to professionalize the Consell charges. The next day it was the turn to Leopoldo Pons, President of Valencian economists, who presented the results of a survey in which their collegiate suspended the Valencian economy with a 3.32 on 10 and made not very encouraging forecasts for say it finely. That barely differ from the barometer of the Ortega-maranon Foundation, in which Spanish entrepreneurs scored with a 2.8 the economic situation in the country while 79 percent of them said that his company has suffered much or quite the economic crisis. The image that is offered cannot be more daunting.

But back to the Valencian Community, where the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Castellon, Salvador Marti, just stated that a responsible management of public funds not always has become because no thought that the cows would arrive. Most of course, water. How you responded to all these considerations the political power? Francisco Camps, inveterate optimist, has acknowledged for the first time the existence of some weaknesses in its management, but it has not really caught the bull by the horns, to use the metaphor that the President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, applied to the reforms of Rodriguez Zapatero. Camps admitted that it should change those dynamics of other times and bet now for one model more in line with the current situation. Unfortunately, he escudo then in the Valencian administration is the cheapest of all, despite being the worst funded by the State.

If all comparisons are odious, according to the popular saying, nor they solve themselves the problems of delay in payment to suppliers, decreased social benefits, rising public debt and higher accrual of interests, etc., etc.. Consider, for example, the Consell spends more to deal with its debt than in social welfare, according to Socialist Deputy Antonio Torres has criticism you. Outstanding problems are therefore still there: lush Park of cars public while in Britain there are Ministers who they travel in metro, relatives and friends recolocados as advisors, useless and dispensable, ruinous public companies used to offset the budget deficit all this isn’t exclusive heritage of the Valencian Community, of course. But we have to correct it. To help put things in your site must be having apparently reborn civil society. It is welcome, therefore, and to give the callus.

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