Combat Construction Tsinskoy Army. Tactics Of Warfare

In ancient times, those who excelled in war, first of all made themselves invincible to wait until you can conquer the enemy. Sun Tzu in the iv. bc. er. among the kingdoms of ancient China rushes forward the north-western kingdom of Qin. Located in the fertile river basin. Weihe, it is rich in natural resources and favorable geographical position.

Being protected by natural boundaries – p. Yellow River and mountain ranges – the invasion of neighboring kingdoms from the east, the Qin, however a convenient strategic position for the offensive, as the kingdom of the middle reaches of Yellow River, and on the border tribes, with whom trade is an important source of enrichment Qin. The reason for its amplification were carried out by Shang Yang politico-administrative, financial, economic and military measures, which gave the kingdom of Qin features centralized military-bureaucratic state. After the capture of Sichuan and the implementation of this large-scale irrigation works of Qin has secured an additional source of agricultural products. At the end of the iv. bc were captured by the upper reaches of the.

Han (southern Shaanxi) and West Henan province, where troops of the Qin close encounter with the kingdoms of Chu, Wei and Han. Central kingdoms were gradually losing their territory. In 278 bc Qin captured the capital of Chu – Mr. John, the collapse of the coalition to oppose it. Soon followed by the war tsinskogo kingdom with . However, while Qin and increased its ownership by the other kingdoms, they were still quite strong.

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