Competition Jumping

Born in Norway, which has become famous for their tradition to arrange slalom, art, skiing the mountains. Originally jumping also included in the slalom. Then stood out among the skiers so-called "miners" who were involved in skating priemuschestvenno from the mountains. They made jumping very high natural ledges, and later – with special elevations. An interesting fact is that initially the 'jumpers' landing on flat ground, a mountain for landing was tilted much later.

The main task was to fly as high as possible, so the length of the flight was not measured. Home Depot follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Jump came from the mountain province of Norway – Telemark. Already in 1840 there were built a special platform for who were jumping on skis and a variety of competitions. Official registration dates back to 1868 range jumps a year, the first ever recorded results – 19 m. At first competitions were held regularly, growth results is slow. Beginning in 1906, skiers began to participate in a variety of "ski" events, which took place in the descent from the mountains to the speed and handicap. The program of such Competition was later supplemented by jumps, which used a springboard.

Gradually the 'spun' a number of separate species of winter sports – racing, slalom, ski jumping and jumping. Later, race and jumps in Norway have been completely replaced slalom. Jumping become a separate kind of skiing. Our products and the company The company "Polimervolokno" was the first domestic firm-turned manufacture of plastic artificial grass for jumping in ski jumping, and riding with hills on plastic sleds. This technology is also used for the construction of various buildings as tubing for Skating on plastic sleds in family entertainment centers, sports centers and complexes, amusement parks, water parks, at summer resorts and any other facilities that use children's slide. Reference: Summer artificial turf – the kit consists of a plastic sliding elements on which the water flows, which also includes the security plate, a plastic mesh to attach the elastic mattresses and other items. Artificial plastic coating makes it possible to conduct training and competition in Nordic combined, ski jumping and freestyle jumping (jumping in ski jumping in the water) in the summer. Artificial plastic coating consists of individual paintings brought together (moving elements) made of plates of security and polypropylene fibers, also included are polypropylene mesh and flexible mounting mats of polyethylene. Coverage is going in place. Each item is made of plastic sheeting slippery polypropylene, making it the surface water in irrigation, different characteristics slip, slip surface characteristics similar to the springboard and natal (baby) hill covered with snow. The fibers are made of artificial turf, have a wavy shape and are connected in such a way to form a flat element.

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