Competitive Fund Generates HidroAysen Division In Cochrane

Through a public statement about twenty neighbors and micro-Cochrane made to feel their displeasure with HidroAysen and accusing commune councilors lack of transparency of both parties in the evaluation process and selection of projects under the Competitive Fund 2009, which devised the electric. After learning a list of initiatives that will obviate the business process in which the City Council of Cochrane played the role of evaluator and coach, there were harsh accusations by those who were not benefited and now claim that they favored contestants who do not even met all requirements to apply. This is expressed in a letter now circulating in Cochrane, for which accession continue gathering signatures, and which states that "the company refused to take responsibility for evaluating projects, endorsed by Council at-large to meet this role. " Manifest in the public statement that what happened "shows how little we feel represented by our authorities, who at first HidroAysen OFFER ran to take it, without thinking that this time the vast majority of the beneficiaries of this funding are people who have the resources necessary to stay afloat with their own, without such aid, thus leaving out people who are unemployed, who have children studying outside and only have a fledgling business that still so hard, and with much sacrifice. " "What criteria assessed the council?, Where is the social conscience that claim to have, where is the ethics and morals? These are all concerns of our people today feel left behind as so many times "they ask in the letter.

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