Construction Jigsaw

The presence of the power of an ordinary man has long ceased to be a gimmick. The use of such tools in suburban areas, in house workshops for repairs and reconstruction, and just in everyday life has become a must for any self-respecting owner. The variety and competitive prices offered by the world leaders in the manufacture of such equipment, power tools allow you to buy anyone interested in a person even with the most common prosperity. The growing popularity and spread among a wide range of the power of people lead to the emergence of new models, the introduction of new structural solutions that use tool more efficiently and with maximum polzoy.Primenenie Jigsaw segment of the power tool used for cutting of different surfaces, is quite wide. It can include: circular saws, chisels, cutters, as well as Jigsaw, which are used to execute the high-precision work. Electrofret first saw light in 1946, and more than half a century, managed to win widespread popularity among consumers. He has great scope, working with plastic, wood, glass, ceramic tile and other surfaces. Jigsaw can perform a variety of operations: longitudinal, transverse, curly cutting sheet material precise cuts with high accuracy, rough cutting, creating circular holes of various diameters and rectangular holes. Design and application of the tool is so simple that to master the technique of working with Jigsaw can anyone even had never worked with such mehanizmami.Konstruktsiya and accessories Construction Jigsaw includes: a reference guide to the platform in aluminum or steel, which fixes a jigsaw needed to cut an angle, allowing for precision cutting of material sawing, performing vertical motion with a frequency of 3500 rpm, the motor power 200-900 W, directly for propulsion of sawing, or mushroom-shaped handle skoboobraznoy used for holding tools while working. Many are equipped with additional devices Jigsaw, allowing easier cutting process: regulators of cuts, varying the number of movements, depending on the saw blade for cutting the material (for solids – fewer cuts, for more ductile – more cuts), plastic screens, closing nail file, and will make a safe location next to her, the constant electronics, devices for automatic blowing sawdust, to adjust the frequency of the cutting mechanism for automatic backlight, and t.d.Parametry selection tool, but by acquiring an electric jigsaw, you may face the problem of choice.

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