Corporate Culture Company’s Pharmaceutical Market

Corporate Culture is a set of norms, values, attitudes, behavioral norms, practices in the organization, which creates its internal environment. Role corporate culture in the organization is as follows: informal basis for the formation of the organization; context of the internal environment, competitive tool (the collective programming of mind which distinguishes one organization from another.) Trends in modern pharmaceutical market, indicate that the establishment of corporate culture, adequate to the goals and challenges facing the company, is one of the most powerful tools in the competition: The features of corporate culture on the pharmaceutical market pharmaceutical market is rather complex and multicomponent, and for his strong character is inherent conservatism. For this market characterized by high educational qualifications – both top managers and low-level employees, but there is a lack of business education. Experts of the market is inherent in individualism, a great experience and dominance of intangible factors of the material. It should be noted that the market is high role communication skills. From a theoretical point of view, the classification of Dylan Kennedy, in terms of speed and extent of feedback risk in the company can be divided into 4 types. Culture ‘macho’ or ‘goal’, is typical for companies or pharmaceutical companies, working with para-pharmaceuticals. Her staff is inherent in high individualism. Corporate culture is’ well bothered, well-rested ‘is inherent to large-known companies. Companies with a ‘culture of process’ characterized by a high degree of hierarchy, bureaucracy and the low level of feedback, which is strictly adhered to rules faithfully execute the business processes.

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