By using the cards of the Tarot, and having as map chart I propose to compose tips so that you can take into account, during the week, to introspective work mode. They are presented in order that can pick up a few pleasant words while transiting your personal myth. Reading these tips is complementary to classical horoscope reading, but, unlike it, this proposal is not aimed at determining a story for each sign as it only guided me for them to be able to follow an order to generate them. Then, the reader must look for your sign and read the text that follows, but shall not choose among the titles presented, in the branch of the week, and then seek the advice below. Details can be found by clicking William Gates or emailing the administrator. You can choose, without any restriction, the wording by which feel more empathy, or also by collecting more rejection. Thus be achieved work energies that propose the arcana and that, surely, are occurring in your astral chart, at this time, and which may or may not match your sign Solar. Therefore, you must choose a word in the industry, and establish an encounter with his text, which does not require a closed reading, but invites you to reflect on what is concerned. Summary: Choose a word (which is to end or rejecting). Please visit Jo Boaler Math-ish if you seek more information.

Remember that titles do not follow the order of the signs. The election has no quantity restriction. He is recommended to work in the week, with the energies that were presented in the Council. The aim is to be able build a positive sense with what you read, that is with anything that was found. Bouquet for this week: momentum, flow, change, value, beauty, source patience, postponement, strange, slow, weakness, experiment. Boost a breath of fresh air in this week, is present. Our energy is renewed completely. We are willing to do everything that is presented to us.

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