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Interesting his literary work for free or very cheap! How do I do? Being a novice poet and writer, I began to post their poems and stories for free famous literary sites. For example, in and Here's my page there Anyway you look at them then, and I will discuss further promotion. By participating in discussions on internet forums and websites on various topics related to literature, I sought to provide links to their works, publish advertisements of your work on the title pages of Internet publications. Followed by reader feedback on my stories and poems. A lot of positive, but of course there were also negative. I consider their shortcomings and improve their methods, techniques. And be sure was his own critic, which constantly reading the classics to perfection. Of course, absolutely free of charge to promote their works to me could not.

I have paid for advertising your works on the front page Then it was 500 rubles. For three days the number of readers has increased significantly. Followed by reviews and comments on them. Began to gather round regular readers.

I must say that I'm not just PR his poems, a link to this site, but poetry in general and promoted the concept. Only in recent years on the shelves of book stalls and bazaars books began to appear with poetry. This type of literature in search of sustenance has long been pushed to the farthest corner. One pop in their songs reminded that there is poetry in the world and occasionally on TV screens last bison appeared, talking about his work.

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