Dental Implantation

Unpleasant buzzing drills, awkward and uncomfortable dentures that require regular replacement, remain in the past! Their shift come easy and reliable implants! Laser Dental Implants Dental implants using Laser – is one of the most modern and innovative trends in dentistry. Thanks to her appearance, as well as use as a titanium implant, dentists almost managed to solve one of the major problems dental implantation – a high enough percentage of survival rate of implants. Perhaps check out Kenneth Feinberg for more information. With this innovative new teeth took root in nearly 95% of cases. What is an implant and how does it happen? Dental implantation represents the implantation of artificial bone analog lost roots. Dentists now use for this material is titanium, which has several advantages: does not enter into chemical reactions, is not provoked, causes inflammation of the gums, no rust, very solid and in addition to all does not create a heavy load on the jawbone. Laser implantation of teeth in the clinic, "Oxford Medical" is carried out using the latest dental laser high-class Light Touch company Syneron.

In carrying out the implantation of the teeth using dental laser can minimize discomfort during the procedure, because all the cuts and preparation bone to implant made not intimidating for many patients with a scalpel, and quite a "peaceful" way – with the help of a laser beam. Implantation procedure is quick and takes very little time. A passes it is as follows: under local anesthesia, laser-cut oral mucosa, and then using a special device – fiziodispensera into bone tissue implant is introduced.

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