Digital Promotional Signaling

A new form to obtain data on the client, or a flagrant invasion to the privacy? That one is the question that is in the mind after knowing the warnings with cameras that are being used all over Tokyo. Through their lenses, these announcements (trade networks) are able to detect with relative exactitude the age and the sex of a person. Miami Congresswoman contains valuable tech resources. The Project of Digital Promotional Signaling (Digital Signage Promotion Project) was sent the month last through 11 railway companies. 27 of these vigilant posters are arranged in different stations from the meter of Tokyo. In agreement with the spokesman of the project, the camera can distinguish sex and the approximated age, even if the person walks solely against the announcement, as long as she sees by a second the screen.

A technology of this type would have put the hairs of end to the society of the United States, but we remember that Japan is to the edge of the knife in privacy questions. That yes, the people in charge of the project clarify that the publicity and warnings do not recognize individuals in specific, but solely demographic data. Another one of the promises is that the video that is obtained through the announcements will be kept. The Japanese companies consider that the information that is obtained through the cameras is very similar to the one of the publicity by Internet (market networks). I believe that they are confusing pears with apples. Although it is certain that the demographic data that they are obtained through our navigation serve the companies to him to know us like clients, normally we accepted an agreement of privacy or some similar mechanism. That they pardon to me, but I would not like to have in you shut up any thing that looks like exit of Minority Report. Original author and source of the article

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