Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing is one of the most widespread worldwide communication strategies. One way or another it has been using since time immemorial. The first catalog that has memory published an editor of Venice and dates from 1498. Since then and until now, it has been one of the formulas of most popular sales and communication. It seems logical to think that if it has been used for so long is because his results have been good enough to make entrepreneurs of different centuries have taken advantage of its characteristics as a tool for effective marketing in any case and despite widespread of use, there are still many companies who are sceptical or who simply don’t know the formula enough as to incorporate it into their strategies. The first thing you should know is what really is direct Marketing. When we talk about direct marketing floor people associate it with the mailing that inundates our mailboxes.

The reality of direct Marketing goes much further. Direct Marketing is to establish a link between direct advertiser and your potential customer. Neither nothing nor nobody that interferes in communication between the two there are no intermediaries. Thus, a channel that operates in two directions, making it possible that the advertiser will receive a direct reply to your proposal or, directly, buying your product or service is left open. Some examples of formulas that are used in a direct Marketing strategy are: 1.-Mailing: is one of the most well-known.

It consists of writing long letters full of attractive offers in order to attract the attention of the potential customer and get sale promotional. 2 E-mailing: is the modern version of the mailing. The nature of this formula is similar to the previous one. They differ in that E-mailing is done by Internet (e-mail) and this fact favourably modify some of their most relevant aspects such as the cost and speed of shipping.

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