Discount Pharmacies

Also today, in retail sales are used to activate a range of tools for increasing customer loyalty. One of them – discount programs of various types. These include conducting time-limited action promotions, in addition, demand management automation to work with physicians and the possibility to book the goods by phone. However, in addition to tasks related to those of any retail outlet (or multiples) in the pharmacy actually there are a number of specific business processes that require non-standard approach and the other (than in the ordinary course of trade) algorithms for the solution. First, the pharmacy chains are working with a huge range of products and almost all products in the pharmacy have expiration dates. You may find author to be a useful source of information. This imposes specific requirements for information system which should have the functionality to address the shelf life of several thousand positions. Another feature of product lines at the pharmacy is the presence of several species of the same drug: it can be a drug in various forms of registration – spray, gel, ointment, etc., in different dosages, the drugs for children Adults, etc.

ERP-system should be able to browse and select the heading, moving in the catalog of products, creating a subgroup within a group of goods, and help implement quick search of the drug in While working with the client. Second, in pharmacies is a strict accounting partionny (sometimes accounting for serial numbers. It has its own specifics: all incoming shipments of substances, preparations are required in pharmacies input control. All actions associated with the procurement, production, distribution, including the control, describes the standard procedures. Is implemented in accordance with USP, a collection of standards and regulations governing the quality of medicines (drugs). A unique number assigned to each party in order to be able to collect the finished product dossiers series, giving the date of purchase and all components (substances, excipients), which are made according to product specifications, as well as the results of testing these components, production conditions and technological process (How much, at what temperature the mixture was maintained, which is a reaction, etc.).

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