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DocPath, a company of one hundred per cent Spanish capital’s leading film production software, has signed a collaboration agreement with Datinet, which reinforces the channel program that the provider of document technology launched last April. Under this alliance, Datinet be responsible for the promotion, distribution and implementation of version 4.1 as certified partner DocPath solutions. You may find that Nicholas Carr can contribute to your knowledge. For its part, the software specialist documentary Datinet offer a comprehensive support in all commercial activities that perform maintenance. Javier Medina, DocPath commercial director, said: “This agreement represents a great opportunity for both companies to strengthen their leadership in the software market documentary, especially as regards the area of medium and large enterprises,” and continues: ” Thanks to Datinet we can increase our presence in northern Spain and provide better support service to our customers that we zone. ” For its part, Naiara Esteban, head of Document Management Solutions in Datinet, assured: “We are looking to technology partners to help our customers reduce management costs and increase efficiency of administrative processes. We agree with DocPath in corporate culture and approach of commitment to quality service. These factors, coupled with technological innovation component will help us increase our turnover. ” A channel program that consolidates Despite having since its inception, with technology partners in different geographical areas, DocPath was launching its channel program last April.

Since then the number of licensed and certified partner, has experienced remarkable growth. So much so that currently, 70% of sales made are indirect in nature. Although the intention of the company is creating an extensive network of partners, but have two or three reference technology partners in each country, DocPath objective is to get one hundred percent of its sales occurring through this trade route. About Datinet Solutions Located in Bizkaia, Datinet, founded in 2004, specializes in consulting and computing services. Integra customers, internal processes and suppliers, through the use of technological tools and methodology to optimize the processes of their clients, which leads to improved performance in their business and providing new value-added services. Clients include large industries, insurance companies and public authorities.

More information: About DocPath DocPath is a company of one hundred per cent Spanish capital, a leading manufacturer of document technology software. Founded in 1992, is headquartered in Madrid, has two development centers and is present with its solutions in companies around the world. Its international customers include renowned banks and corporations first line, it facilitates the difficult and complex task of designing, generating and distributing critical business documents. DocPath has a strong commitment to R & D, the area that gives 50 percent of their income and in which lies a key to its success.

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