Doors RAM

TAO VI the spirit of the Valley does not die. It is the mysterious female. The door of the mysterious female is the root of the universe. Uninterrupted, continues his work without fatigue. who pose the strength and power will be who will expire, the weak always have to kneel before the Fort, which descends from weak sera by the weak RAM found inside of the Crystal Castle wherein are flooded by one immense darkness, to fund a torch shows the way gloomy place, outside of the Castle seems out of glass by its constant brightness but insideThis fortified by stone and wood carving. Walk the young warriors in their path are a large door carved in wood and on top of this, a symbolism in Eastern and the name of the RAM are, they open that door discovering a room lighted by torches in the a man awaits them back, is the way that probably leads to the second door. – Farmers are welcome to the first gate of this Guardian, call me RAM. Says that character that it interrupts the path of young people.

-If you can pass this gate will be more you’ll stay fast to get to the top, me and will fight with this guardian. The monkey Warrior responds as Mio. 4 Warriors away from the room leaving as Mio, the Guardian stares at the monkey Warrior does nothing to try to stop other young people. -Think peasant, already to the stay tu, to achieve them through the 12 doors. -First you vencere Guardian and then continue my classmates. Monkey attacks RAM but the Guardian moves in a way that avoids the blows of the Warrior, but manages to reach it the RAM hit as Mio demolishing it in a single blow. The monkey again attacking the RAM incorporates more However the result is the same with a combination of attacks the RAM hit the monkey.

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