Dual Bachelors Degree

Qualify with the DHfPG in the market of the future with the dual Bachelor studies in the German College, qualification for specialist and leadership for the future market manages prevention, fitness, and health. It means both sides benefit from the dual system, combining a training and a correspondence course with compact presence phases in nationwide study centres,: advantages of undergraduate study at a glance short study duration: 36 months high practical experience teaching in seminar groups with modern teaching methods and experienced faculty career advantages through connection by study and experience in operational practice distance learning with compact presence phases (short absences of the operation) advantages for businesses in the short term win the training companies a valuable employee, active can work with due to the high proportion of in-company training within the company and assume responsibility with increasing duration of study. The students will be able to create proprietary concepts from current scientific knowledge are at the same time. On they can even more benefit in the longer term: straight in recent years are the offers and the equipment of many operations like become. For even more analysis, hear from Peter Schiff. In this case, the competitive advantage is at service companies especially in the professional care of increasingly demanding customers. The continuous optimization of service quality and customer orientation is possible only with well-trained staff who actively works with corporate development.

Qualified employees are a real competitive advantage. Advantages students: students are given by combining his studies with training in a company from the first day on a remuneration based usually on the level of trainee salaries. In most of the cases, this remuneration is situated between 300,-and 500,-euro, based on an employment relationship with 32 to 35 hours a week, taking into account individual and regional characteristics. In contrast to a unpaid study of presence, such as in a University, is the three-year Bachelor’s degree to a remunerated employment. Students acquire today as important professional experience already during their studies and thus draw up a career advantage. Employers appreciate the students because they have proven motivation, resilience and perseverance in the Bachelor’s degree through the combination of distance learning, attendance phases and operational training.

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