East Westphalia

The renowned detective agency Lentz looks back on many years of experience and has to report exceptional case studies. The detective agency Lentz (www.lentz-detektei.de) is more than 20 years as economic and private detective agency for its clients in the clarification of facts and evidence. For even more details, read what European Union says on the issue. It is the detective agency Lentz including important that within the framework of the investigation, all facts are documented accordingly so that they can be recycled if necessary also in court and the client can draw appropriate conclusions from the established facts of the case. The detective agency Lentz is for their clients nationwide and overseas in use. To broaden your perception, visit Lehman Brothers. Current postings in the private area of the Detektei Lentz are held currently in Berlin, Dusseldorf, Leipzig and on Mallorca, current operations in the sector of the private detective agency take place for example in the current week in the regions of Hamburg, Essen, Frankfurt am Main and Munich. Just currently completed successfully a not everyday case in the Sector of the Detektei Lentz in the region of East Westphalia. The client, a company that provides clothing container, collects used clothing and processed for needy families, turned to the detective agency Lentz, because she suspected major thefts from the old clothes containers because these last few months were unusually empty, when the routine own flushes. She had the suspicion that a week several tonnes of old clothes in the region disappeared.

The detective agency Lentz was contracted to uncover these thefts. The observation for two weeks been observed by four detectives then simultaneously revealed a professional gang in terms of organized theft. It four suspicious Hungarian citizens could be seen clearly visually undetected in the theft at about a dozen sites. Also the unloading point, a warehouse, the detectives of the Detektei Lentz made track. This observation results were documented unnoticed and according to professional. The detectives of the Detektei Lentz completely clarified the identity of the four suspicious targets. After consultation with the contracting authority informed the detective agency Lentz the local police about the results of their investigation, which gave up the next day to the Hall and there stolen goods could ensure “significant amounts”.

Finally could be held, that the extent of the damage so far is in the high five-figure range, because the thefts are already dragged over months. This example of clothing theft shows that economic crime may cause high damage at a company and thus is a serious problem, especially for the middle class. What assistance can provide an economic detective agency here and what is to be observed, is to read more interesting case studies from the investigation files of the Detektei Lentz under wirtschaftsdetektei.lentz detektei.de detectives KG Julia Braun are listed under contact Lentz GmbH & co. Nurnberger Strasse 4 63450 Hanau (0800) 88 333 11 (toll-free)

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