Energy, Athleticism, Health: Shots As Promotional Items

Shots are concentrated and handy the new lifestyle beverages. Small, strong, black”: a slogan remains in the memory. Small, strong, black”conveys a reduction to the essentials, makes us think of concentration and dynamics, and thus meets the spirit of the times. Nickolas Carr has much experience in this field. What is”the seductive to coffee to go? It is the mobility associated with vitality, freshness and youth. Now, there are drinks that are available for both for concentration and mobility: shots. The term shot originally comes from the language of the bartender and stands for not more than a short one. A short is an alcoholic beverage in 2-cl and 4 cl glasses and drunk in a train is. This can be E.g.

a grain, a fruit brandy, vodka or Tequila. Also mix drinks from distillates with juices or sodas are common. As a synonym for the term short term shooter or shot has become. Today shot is used as a term for the concentrated soft drinks used. “The promotional distributor the gift” non alcoholic shots as a lifestyle drink has new in the assortment, as energy shot, shot mineral or vitamin shot. Energy shot stimulates and invigorates with caffeine and taurine and quickly gives energy, such as promotional products at congresses or trade fairs. The mineral shot provides minerals, effectively ensures an isotonic budget and a quick recovery.

The mineral shot is suitable for sports events or campaigns on topics such as sports, endurance athletics. The healthy vitamin shot is an aromatic fruit mixture of pineapple, Orange, mango and passion fruit, lime and delivers 100% of the daily allowance of 7 essential vitamins. The vitamin shot stands for freshness, pleasure and health. The shots come in a chic white 60 ml plastic bottle. The handy format is ideal for your pocket, backpack, the handbag, luggage or the glove compartment of the car. Mobile is the shot right at your fingertips, and focused. The bottle holds on a label around a promotional pressure in 4 c. Quality. The gift shows details”under energy-vitamin… The gift – promotional products Sulgenrain str. 8 76133 Karlsruhe phone: + 49 (0) 76133-86489491 fax: + 49 (0) 76133-86489494 press contact: Mr. Flinspach the gift supplies since 1997 promotional products to industrial, commercial, commercial and public facilities. The customer base includes both small businesses and medium-sized businesses as well as corporations. The gift offers the entire spectrum of modern advertising article, from the classical advertising via new and innovative products to high-quality rewards and special. Our promotional shops are always more than 1000 promotional products and thousands of models available online.

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