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This was added to the rumor that as much in Japan as in the United States, the worse thing of the crisis already happened. The rise of the stock market in the Euro Zone and in England had to a large extent to the happened thing in the United States, and in addition, by the fall in the demand of currencies refuge. The Euro registered impressive gains against the dollar. The European currency gained 130 pips against the dollar during the day of Wednesday. Educate yourself with thoughts from man group. The pair closed in 1.3322. On the other hand, 210 pair EUR/JPY gained pips reaching the 129,90, whereas the demand by currencies refuge fell, mainly, in addition, because certain Japanese indicators showed that the economy improved during the month of April. Against the pound, the Euro, also advanced, and ended up gaining 15 pips closing in 0.8980.

Today one will occur to know English Nationwide HPI 6:00 GMT, and in the Euro Zone, the rate of unemployment to 21:00 GMT will be published. Without a doubt these results will determine the tendency of the Euro and the pound throughout the day. In addition he would be advisable to close by follow the speech of President Barack Obama and the EDF, since volatileness is considered before these uprisings. JPY – The yen backs down whereas the economy Japanese sample improvement signs Yesterday, the yen, withdrew against the majority of currencies, since the economic situation in the second more important economy at world-wide level seems to improve. The yen fell 60 pips reaching the 97,54 yens by dollar. The demand by currencies refuge suffered a blow yesterday, since apparently Japan and the United States shows signs of which the worse thing of the crisis already happened. The yen also withdrew against Euro, falling 210 pips and closing in 129.90. The pound also took points, since the American optimism of stock-market dragged Europe, and the demand of yens was reduced consequently.

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