English Shepherd

If you have the patience and the time needed to devote to exercise and take care of an old English Shepherd, you will be rewarded by the love of a faithful and beautiful Companion. The old English Shepherd is also known as a bobtail (cut tail), and was raised to care for cattle, both sheep and cattle, in the West Country of England. Full bodied and muscular is characterized by its barking serious, estentoreo and repicante. His stooped coat is not curly and can be found in colors gray, off-white, blue, or blue merle, with or without white spots. It is playful and has great intelligence, as he learns fast is necessary to train when it is young and manageable.

If the old English Shepherd is bored becomes destructive. Origin: Great Britain. Withers height: 61 cm minimum for males and 56 cm minimum females. Grooming: If not combed him well until the subpelo dense and resistant to water at least three times a week, the old shepherd may have skin problems or be attacked by parasites. Cut out the tangled hair; or if you prefer, can cut hair each two months (formerly the dog was fleeced along with sheep). Trim the hair around the eyes and the year with round tip scissors.

Food and exercise: this breed was created to do hard jobs and loves to run. Does not require a special diet, with a balanced diet commercial croquettes is sufficient. Health: You can suffer from hip dysplasia, eye problems. Not recommended for hot climates. This and other topics you can find wildlife, visit us.

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