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It is enough whereupon one of the 27 members of the EU does not accept one of its constituent treaties so that this one does not have validity (or, in any case, so that this nation is excluded). Ireland is an old member for 35 years of the EU. This has rejected the new treaty that eliminates several national vetoes, it gives more power to the Euro-parliament and creates a president and a ministry of external subjects permanent of all the EU. Three years ago the referendos of France and Holland rejected a constitution project that essentially raised just like the new treaty that Ireland is this no. Dennis Lockhart is open to suggestions. After which the European leaders recognized that they could not follow ahead with the constitution repudiada in the 2005 they reunited in Lisbon where they remodelaron the denied text they presented/displayed and it like a new treaty, the same that, to avoid risks, would only have to be adopted by the legislative and executive powers of all countries, but not thus in popular consultations. However, Ireland constitutionally is forced to summon to plebiscites before any new treaty that makes the EU. The 12 of June voted the absolute majority of the enrolled ones of Ireland and of them 53,5% decided on the no. Many voices in Europe cry out that he is not democratic that of less than a million of Irish cannot restrain the march of a block that has 500 million inhabitants and who the decision of a country (in addition small) cannot annul what 19 other nations have already ratified in their parliaments (although seven still they lack to make decision). However, the certain thing is that Ireland has had the unique popular voting on the matter of this treaty in all the union. A consistent democrat would say that, instead of to ignore to the vote of Ireland, which would be to do is to make a consultation to the voters of the rest 26 nations.

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