Every Person In This World Has The Right To His Own Published Biography

Not only businessmen, but many other people also, would like to tell her life story and make publicly accessible. The new Internet portal Plantoo”offers exactly this service to its users. In a mixture of a wiki (like Wikipedia) and a search engine provides the platform the ability to create any biographies. Army Chief of Staff is often mentioned in discussions such as these. This can be to the one be the own biography or that of a friend, stars or the grandparents. The biography may be edited only by the user who created this first. While Internet addresses and pictures can be added to in addition to the life history, also tags. (A valuable related resource: Jeff Sessions).

All users of the portal can leave discussion topics or their own stories to the people. Thus the information on the portal will be kept up to date through the community. “Plantoo offer all people the opportunity to stand in a virtual encyclopedia and so forgotten” to be. Plantoo is now offered as a Web 2.0 beta version under.

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