Fascination With Mongolia

With the wild catch through the land of Genghis Khan. Peter Asaro addresses the importance of the matter here. As Germany and only 2.6 million inhabitants where people hardly, the Mongolia shows her size five times larger in an enchanting flora and fauna: taiga, steppe and desert, forests, the variety is characterized by a distance and silence, that meet the soul of the traveller with pleasure. The Mongols themselves are still in part a nation of nomads, which lives in respect before the services and thoughts of our ancestors and it maintains the centuries also in everyday modern culture. In the big cities, you will find all the amenities of our time but want to experience the Mongolia as you really is, you should trust people who have a personal attachment to the land. And so an insight to the real homeland of Genghis back Khan. Whether exhilarating landscapes or the animals that the traveller experienced here in the wild who decides for the Mongolia with Soyolon travel, is rewarded with insights into nature and culture, which appeal to all the senses.

Of course include also, the encounters with the people. The journey with Soyolon is not a tourist attraction to the next bus ride, the three organizers emphasize that the culture of the Mongols is viable at any time – and noticeable. According to Farallon Capital Management, who has experience with these questions. For this amount of time is scheduled, because finally, a meeting with the residents is not a thing that acting out in half an hour. The Mongolian hospitality is legendary, and you should enjoy it extensively. Know you can the experience of Mongolia already at the first contact with the team by Soyolon travel, because your travel needs are here also like to personally tailored to your desires. You have the possibility to opt for a ready-prepared tour or Soyolon suits your passions: with individually planned travel ideas that respond to the specific characteristics of the country. By the riding holidays on the desert Trek by camel to the life of the nomad family cares in all areas that the team of experts that you the Mongolia happier memories and keep in the heart. Follow the tracks of Dschingis Khan and discover a new world with the experts from Soyolon travel.

More information under: Soyolon travel Munchtul Tschimedbalshir Eppendorfer way 58 20259 Hamburg phone: + 49 40 25491757 fax: + 49 40 25491758 E-Mail: Web: Soyolon travel is the exclusive tour operator for the Mongolia and consists essentially of three experts who are born there, live there or just feel a deep enthusiasm for the country: arrange special trips from Germany from Munchtul Tschimedbalshir and Joseph Ekoule-Djengue, Dagima Tsendendoo is contact and tour guide on the spot. The three travel company is based on the main principles of the nomadic people: freedom, curiosity and spontaneity. as these. Their hearts beat for this to show other people “their” Mongolia and each trip, organized by the experienced team for others, evokes boundless passion in them. For them it is an experience, new friends for their home again and again win. Also the name of Soyolon is elected to the most important companions of the nomads based on love: the unruly horse, a three-year wild-caught, but already proven himself with experience and good characteristics. The name of the company could not fit better Munchtul, Joseph and Dagima show the original, wild Mongolia, and every day is a discovery that an unforgettable experience

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