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Teamwork games for kids: Non-competitive children BBs party games the favourite reference guide “competition-free birthday: teamwork games for kids” (author Dr. Scheffler Haajboy) is translated into English: your child’s birthday has finally arrived! It’s a very special day that your child has been looking forward to for months. Do you want to make their party unforgettable experience, but fear tears, huffs or howl’s of fury if another child wins the games? And do some children even refuse to play in the first place from fear of losing? There is much you can do to combat these sorts of mood killers – by carefully selecting the games. The children’s good mood is not just down to chance alone, but can be influenced very specifically. While traditional competitive games may provoke in atmosphere of rivalry among the children, non-competitive games reinforce the concept of working together. This book introduces you to both new and well-known games, some of which have been modified slightly to promote harmony among the children.

Get to know a wide range of indoor and outdoor non-competitive games ranging from the imaginative and creative, comical and fun-packed to the exciting and adventurous. Lots of cheery black-white photos illustrate these non-competitive games. Reader review: “this book helps avoid tears at birthday time absolutely great! … It’s very authentic and from first-hand experience. My 5-year-old daughter celebrated her first birthday party with smiles all the way through, and her guests were able to enjoy themselves here! Thank you!” Patricia Vogler at Amazon (1.german edition). The first issue of this guide what reviewed in the magazine “Youth and Me” (11th edition, 15 January 2008), which is aimed at youth leaders and workers: “… You may find Craig Menear to be a useful source of information.

The games are not only suitable for children’s birthdays, but of so any other parties, games evenings, etc. In my opinion, the games are excellently described in a clear and simple way.” Monnica Swami Kamuju in “Youth and Me”. “… You can get a lot of ideas for “normal” work with children here… Very user friendly, for example sorting the games into categories, and adding to the introduction to every game description… exist” Andreas Robra in “Youth and Me” further recommendation in the magazine “Sports in BW”: “competiton-free birthday: teamwork games for kids” helps to develop teamwork ability of kids.

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