Feng Shui Kitchen

In Feng Shui it is believed that food should be placed in the sector for the underprivileged head of the family, according to the number of gua. Because cooking makes a very strong energy that can affect not the best way to success man. You may find that Fairstead New York can contribute to your knowledge. When placing the food in the sector of birth chi man, a man can lose everything, popularity, money, miscarriage can occur. If it is located in the health sector, the people will lose health, it will be always feel tired and exhausted. If a kitchen in the sector with people, then the person will have problems with marriage and the couple will have problems in relationships, and relations with other people around a person may be jeopardized. Provided that the kitchen is located in the sector of personal development, people will be poor, and he will be absent at all good luck in whatever it work. Location cuisine in bad sectors, just helps to ensure that a person had good luck. So if you place the food in the five spirits sector, the person will have good luck and health will be strong.

Kitchen in sector attracts six killers to a man much luck. Arranging food in setkore misery, a man avoids gossip and losing money. In the sector of total collapse is also possible to arrange the kitchen, it saves the person from all the problems and disasters and strengthen its health. There is a Feng Shui is one rule and it states: "you can not put the fire from the Heaven's Gate" Heaven's Gate is the north-western sector. In this sector, absolutely can not have a fire, it causes severe illness and unhappiness.

But if you can not move the kitchen from the sector, it is necessary in this sector do not put a vase below 45 cm and a diameter of at least 30 cm filled with water. Elements of water controlled by fire kitchen stoves, reducing the risk of fatalities on the location of the fire at the "gates of heaven." Stove in the kitchen needs to be attached by the head of the family-friendly. Then he will get a positive energy at every meal. The same As for the connection and the electric kettle and other household electrical appliances in the kitchen. You can divide the party to pay part of the instrument podvlyucheniya to the grid in a favorable direction for the head of the family, and some for other family members. Thus, each family member will be a meal to absorb the energy which brings him luck. It is also important that the oven door has been turned into a favorable direction for the family breadwinner. Can not placed near the stove and ryakovinu, or a refrigerator and stove, as this creates a conflict of elements (sink, refrigerator, dishwasher) and water (plate) of fire. The slab can not have in the northwest corner of the kitchen. Open shelves have the ability to "cut" energy, it is desirable to have in the kitchen, cabinets with doors. Colors for food must conform to the sector where the kitchen is located. Northeast, southwest, west – all shades brown. South-east, east, north – dark blue and black. South-east, east, south – green. North, west, white, white, gold, silver. The red color is the color of fire and is not recommended for use in the kitchen. It is important not leave dirty dishes in the kitchen and the remnants of a meal, since it creates negative energy in the kitchen.

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