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In this sense, in the decade of 90 a study in Australia was realised that revealed that, compared with the rest of professionals, taxi conductors, were 67 set out times more to the violence. Some countries have taken in serious east problem. As much it is thus, that the Finnish Institute of Health in the Work, development the Kauris method, especially directed to the sector of the commerce, in which the violence risk was something more stop than the average national for other jobs. The objective of this method was to help to these commerce in the evaluation and management of the violence in its place of the work, and thus to the commerce a guide facilitated itself to them: Kauris guide. The approach seted out like integral, that is to say that included the conception of the labor surroundings, the safeties, characteristics of the personnel, practices and mainly formation. When the study finalized, it was verified that the commerce that participated in the method, implanted prevention measures, they improved the security of the commerce, and even improved the labor relations. In Spain, the Technical Note of Prevention number 489: Violence in the work place, the National Institute of Security and Hygiene in the Work, recommends to realise an analysis of the place and the practices of work: Hay certain aspects that can increase the probability that violent facts take place or to serve like dissuasive elements the same.

In this sense the factors of the surroundings and the place of work like of the own procedures of work are had to analyze so much, insofar as, sometimes, they can allow that the violence incidents are planned. On the other hand, such analysis, has to consider the type of in question establishment and the type on watch that supply . It is not enough with being alarmed, not even with identifying the problem. Absolutely inescapable it is to design measures and to apply them, and the more participating it is his design, the more guarantees of success. Countries such as Italy, Germany, France or Belgium, and some collective agreements signed in Spain, foment the idea to elaborate Agreements of Quality of Climate, that include protocols of prevention and treatment anyway of violence in the work.

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