Flexo Production Packages

The company's image – a very important question. Proper positioning of the company's pledge of successful existence in the market. Presentation Materials – one of the most effective way to express yourself customers and partners. Correct selection of materials provides insight into the status of the company. Souvenir production, printing, packaging (branded bags) – the person of the company. Touch upon the details concerning manufacturing branded package, namely, what methods use of advertising agencies in the production of bags with the logo. One of the most popular methods of printing on the packages – flexography. The advantages of flexographic printing are as follows: firstly, a wide range of print media and printing very thick materials, and secondly, the economical printing and the ability to change the configuration of shapes to print impressions, and thirdly, a complete cycle of the press (including the post-printing processes) – cutting punch, laminating, etc.

Flexo is used in the manufacture of branded bags (plastic, paper bags), packaging and labels. How does the process of printing on the package by flexography? Plate represents flexible rubber or rubber-like plate, which chemically 'engraved' embossed. 'Elevated' elements take the paint and leave it on film. Cliche glued to the shaft printing machine, it applied paint and the process went. Large multi-color flexographic machines represent a complex assembly that combines many functions. Here is sealed plastic tape (the sleeve), which after welding and trimmed, and the package becomes habitual for us to look.

Hose is usually also produced directly in the shop, using an extruder. Feedstock are pellets of polyethylene. In the advertising business uses bags made of polyethylene high (HDPE) and low (HDPE) pressure. The latter – much thinner and cheaper ('whispering'), but their mechanical properties even higher than in the denser high-pressure package.

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