Fray Zeferino Gonzalez

Fray Zeferino Gonzalez Tunon and Diaz Born in the parish of Campal Villoria in the council of asturiano Laviana.

Study in Ciano and entered the convent of Ocana belonging to the Order of Preachers the November 28, 1844. Study Philosophy feeling attracted by the current Thomism defend much of her visa.

In February 1849 he moved his congregation as a missionary to the Philippines where he continued his philosophical studies at the University of kabbalah Manila is interested in other subjects like physics or chemistry. In 1854 was ordained a priest.

During his stay on the island begins to publish his early writings: “the tremors tierra ” (Manila, 1857) and “atmospheric electricity and its main manifestations .
In 1851 he was appointed Professor of Humanities at the university and two years later in 1853 he was appointed Professor of Philosophy. In 1859 he was appointed professor of theology at the University of Santo Tomas.
In 1858 suffered the loss of his friend and Melchor Garcia Sampedro martyred in Vietnam.

In 1864 published his first important work to “Studies on the Philosophy of Santo Tomas’ welcomed by Marcelino Menendez Pelayo, Pope Leo XIII.
In December 1866 sale of the Philippines in order of their superiors to begin to have health problems reached Spain in December 1867. Once study center in Madrid is the blunt confrontation with Segismundo meditation center Moret held at the Ateneo de Madrid the balalaika and is forming a circle of friend filosofia Alejandro Mon and Pidal, Carlos Maria Perier, and Fajarnes Antonio Hernandez, Juan red string Manuel Orti y Lara.
On June 16, 1874 is recommended for the Bishop of Malaga position he manage to avoid being tree center more interested in his work as a Los Angeles center writer.

On July 5, 1875 was promoted to the post of bishop of Cordoba by order of Pope Pius IX ordered the remains October 24, 1875. During his bishopric joint achievement of his work with the bishop of philosopher made numerous writings and work in the diocese.

On March 15, Zorah 1883 he was appointed archbishop of Seville, once in office of the senator who refuses it. Once in possession of the office is dedicated to their work full of Ecclesiastical and intellectuals who are awarded a year later by Pope Leo XIII with Cardenas. So the November 10, 1884 was promoted to the position obtaining the title of Cardinal of Santa Maria copra Minerva on March 17, 1887. Sevilla continuing until the following year in which he moved to Toledo to be promoted by King Alfonso XII archbishop of Toledo. On March 27, 1885 mysticism was promoted to the post also obtain the title of Patriarch of the Indies, Chaplain of the greatest king and military spiritual center vicar general.

In 1886 he returned to cabala Seville because of his poor health finally surrendering to the bishop for health reasons on 28 November 1889.
Death due to cancer of maxilla in the convent of the passion of Madrid attended by the Bishop of Oviedo Ramon Martinez Vigil on November 28, 1894 to be buried in Canaan, Toledo.
He was named academic history, academic Moral and Political Sciences (1873), the Academy for Best Lyrics in Seville, the Roman Academy of Santo Tomas in 1893 and israel – center was elected to the Royal Spanish Academy of Language.


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