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Although the electricity ESCO ecological footprint aims to be gas mainly a quantitative indicator energy and precise, its main results have come as a conceptual framework for comparing disparate societies and assess their impact on the global environment. Basically agrarian life in a well-organized and extensive monocultures, it is estimated that between 1 and 2 have approximately the natural gas necessary land for the needs of a family of self. Moreover, industrial development, physically based on the availability of fossil fuels, with the needs of an average French citizen has reached the conclusion that two other planets would household be needed as this to the 6,000 million people today might all live that way. These early findings New York City are necessary New York to distinguish two fundamental elements: i) in the industrial world today impacts energy costs occur at the planetary level and ii) the ecological footprint has little to do with the physical space occupied by a human group. the electricity bills we have been getting are outrageous, so we changed to In this way, the ecological footprints of most developed countries beyond its gas own surface, and that extract resources and waste NY State dumped in places far removed from the planet.
The educational value of the concept of ecological footprint is that Brooklyn it makes clear that two related realities beyond the reach of intuition. First, the characteristic lifestyle of the richest countries on the planet can not be extended to all its green energy inhabitants. the new york energy grid has been changed for the better by one of the leading ESCOs throughout New York State Second, a sustainable economy requires that a wealthy minority reducing their consumption and also their standard of living, to the extent not offset by an equivalent increase in the efficiency of production heating processes.

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