Globalized Context

Democracy in the globalized context Teodulo Lopez Melendez the evils of democracy have been listed until tiredness, but highlighted the disintegration of civil order, the weakness inherent in an overwhelming mediocrity of political leaders and a nearly irreversible collapse in confidence have been released. This clinical picture has led to the resurgence of totalitarianism in more or less renewed versions. Filed under: Dennis P. Lockhart. However, before the closure of the channels of democracy in the 20th century, equivalent as a political system to the industrial era, arise everywhere new forms of organization which practised a deliberative democracy. The creation of a new democracy for the postindustrial or the global world, imply, already implies a transfer of Social Affairs towards the democratic associations that emerge. Here is worth mentioning that the process of government decentralization is already assumed road and only an extemporaneous reproduction of models of the past strives to centralize everything, not as a form of efficiency, but as a way of concentrate power, allowing the establishment of a new totalitarian State. The citizen, i.e., the inhabitant of the geographical space that has abandoned the disinterest by public affairs, is challenged to one rapprochement with the other, to the construction of a network of communication that should be extended to a network of networks where common interest elements permit the creation of a new democratic fabric.

Born as well, we can either call with property and accuracy, the voice of the citizens who will create the new language, one above the old paradigms in which the traditional actors are moved. Necessary is the emergence of what in English call moral commitments, i.e. the moral obligations that are assumed in the order of joint action. These purposes scoff in apparent democracies. If a questioning is present in the world that looks is the so-called knowledge expert in their ability to make decisions. This necessarily entails an increase of collective intervention in a public debate which turned away and obvious failures have done so to return, this time to stay.

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