Grand Prize

Do you’ve already wondered: If the law of attraction is so powerful, I can use it for winning me the lottery? The law of attraction responds to whatever you wish. It responds to what we want and believe. Not all want the same things. You may want to earn a lot of money receiving the Grand Prize of the lottery and I touring the beaches of Brazil’s short and t-shirt to mix me among your people. When we want something intensely simply have to focus all our attention on that, if we neglect our desire is because in reality we still have it in the category of sleep or doubt we are talking softly in your ear all the time.

If we want to intensely and intensively doubt we are dealing attention between two completely opposite destinations. And while we do not decide for one of them, we will stay indefinitely unemployed at the same point. Doubt (negative vibration) is a limiting belief, a negative thought repeated and accepted; that we can eliminate, as soon as we recognize that it has no more basis. Something as well as the cuckoo’s childhood, as soon as we stop believing in the us scared no more. The simplest way to explain the law of attraction is: If you see it, is.

If you don’t see it, it isn’t. IE than if your desire is to win the lottery, you have to see rico, feel rich, enjoy your wealth, and radiate wealth. If you want to win the lottery, and you find yourself with thoughts such as: I don’t believe in that because I would like to have lots of money, but for me it is very difficult to earn money, because as you can see almost always lurks behind of a but or a because and it is clear that the first thing we will do will be shut down all these ideas, which surely you may have already noticed account are the only obstacle that exists between this enormous amount of money and you. It allows all those doubts froze, to know that they are there, capturing them and replace them or delete them. Today you know other things and those are old ideas that have no place in your consciousness. Today, we know that the law of attraction works in our favor when we chose our consciously thoughts and that work for it, for me and for everybody, there are no exceptions.

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