Heater Elements

In addition to the end of foam around the heater elements mounted intermediate. This allows the purchaser to transport it, not only vertically, but horizontally, and without fear of damage to the heater. Also, water heater is in a plastic bag. Included with the box you will find a back-pressure relief valve, 4 anchor for fixing a concrete wall and a passport with warranty card. The water heater has a cord with a plug and RCD! included.

Real Water Heaters Series HV Series 390, Gorenje GBFU packed much easier. At Real Madrid white cardboard box color, however, enough of cardboard, no straps, top and bottom end of the foam element, however, of sufficiently strong foam. Carry such a device preferably vertically. Gorenje packed almost as well as Real Madrid, only cardboard and plastic loose. However, there are straps.

It must be transported only vertically. For example, if you put it horizontally on the trunk of a passenger car, when moving the heater is likely to be damaged. Included with these water heaters you will find a back-pressure relief valve and a passport with the warranty card, power cord and plug is missing. His appearance design we were again pleasantly surprised Termex. He has quite a slim shape. The body is made of pure white constructive plastic upper and lower lid color gray metallic. The control panel put to the front side of the cylinder and has a chrome frame. It includes a temperature control knob, press the power switch with illuminated pointer and a thermometer. Real Water Heaters Series HV Series 390, Gorenje GBFU its utilitarian design Termex inferior. They have an iron hull, covered with white enamel and white plastic cover from the bottom of the tank. Real has no control rendered out and the only light bulb signaling for the inclusion of PETN. It is installed at the bottom of a plastic lid.

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