Hotel El Prize

Isabela had forty and five years, but it mame look like thirty. She was a pretty woman very and wise person of this, but this did not hinder that its complex of inferiority and unreliability influenced its loving life in such a way. She was successful professionally and socially. It was never married, wanted to live only for the career, what it did not hinder to live many loves. The majority of its romances was with married men and a work similar to its, therefore in this convivncia it finished for obtaining professional advantages and more experience in the businesses, hiding conveniently its emotional unreliability.

Married men cannot charge nothing, therefore they cannot 0ccasionally offer to nothing beyond expensive gifts and an excellent sexual performance, therefore it would be always in a comfortable position, without concerns with family, husband and children, thus being able to dedicate itself total to the professional career. In deep it was a woman who never had loved nobody truily, and the passions that lived did not arrive to last six months, size was the fear of if arresting, if delivering and later to suffer. After to have obtained an excellent contract and a highest profit for the company where she was one of the most important executive, received from the presidency a prize, as gratefulness for the success of its persistence in the closing of that contract, in the truth plus a prize, therefore it did not have I negotiate that he was not closed when it was in the negotiation. After two years without vacation, it would go to pass one season of three months in Spain, perhaps until a little more, therefore the company with which negotiates closes it that the prize relieved it was in this country. In less than fifteen days already it was housed in the Hotel El the Prado, in the center of Madrid.

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