Human Essence

Discovery of the real human nature, encounter with the essence of one same that it goes beyond the psychic apparatus of thoughts and emotions the spirituality is essential in education because it cannot be reached to be a full human being with pure cognitive development and analytical processes. When spirituality is lived is entered into a dimension unconditional, is the place of the total true sanctioning and end. Check out Wang Qunbin for additional information. It is a direct experience of oneness with life, absolute love and fraternity. I have to live the spirituality, feel consciously, touch my heart, my essence, experience the thrill and transmit it to other human beings. Creativity and human imagination is truly inexhaustible resources in our new unlimited equations, only by the social capital that invests in developing responsible, and awake citizens whose skills will contribute to a new evolution of societies and humanity in our era.

The ingenuity and skills of human beings and their skills to develop activities such as crafts, handicrafts of sustainability such as recycle leaves to take advantage of creativity using the paper, example disconnect appliances appliances and energy saving for sustainability, in the case of the use of automobiles tune very well to avoid contamination, also in material waste with capture, collection and recycling is He manages to make different crafts that provide various services and utilization in second-hand goods that given better utilization such as lamita’s boat are made lamps, decorative boxes, etc. In the case of plastic, glass, packaging, this is a bit like contribution and improvement to the environment friendly, also with the arborization and reforestation, attention to each one of the trees in his life of development. Holistic education is not just one educational method either, nor that this is a philosophy of education, a theory of learning, with a radical policy to our dominant scientific industrial culture by driving the human race to be aligned in a mechanical instrumental rationality..

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