Identity Cultures

THE THREAD OF THE a IDENTIDADES ASESINASa DE Maalouf a “Killer Identities” (Alianza Editorial, Madrid, 1999) is passionate denunciation Maalouf to the madness that incites men to kill each other in the name of ethnicity, language, religion or skin color. ” the existence of individuals in common areas, with different cultural influences is a clear and undeniable fact, the crux of the matter lies in the assimilation and interpretation given to this reality. This coexistence has had, and has positive and negative effects. The multicultural reality is itself rewarding, but it carries the risk of tears and extremism. (Source: Jeff Flake). Maalouf a goes on to say that globalization is conducive to the emergence of local cultures, rescues third cultures and creates its own, thus promoting cultural diversity. a The author will highlight one of the most striking human features: a

The ability to kill their fellow a , with a review of all justifications that have been used by mankind. a As if it were a tree, tells its own story, highlighting their possessions and belongings, the bases of personality traits, which he calls or traspola identity. Multicolor Identity religions, cultures, types of education, language and all that is difficult to be assigned a specific and individual membership but far to depersonalize leads to a complete picture of himself, that no religious belief, political or other opinion could justify his death at the hands of another like it. Combine strictly anthropological aspects as the explanation of how man has changed his identity throughout the story: a times there were people that make us think that there was then a single primary membership, so superior to others in all circumstances that justified calling it a identidada .

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