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After 5 years ago I graduated from the Institute, immediately began to work in traditional business, and soon enough the status of the owner or co-owner. I can not say that they were simple days are – at Bentley, I do not work, because in small business in a provincial town easier to make hemorrhoids. The only thing I got – just a wealth of experience in different areas and the remembrance of some basic things. What I'm doing right now? Paperwork for the elimination of … Because it realized that more do not want it. I do not need partners, staff of 20 people, offices, patients on the head of clients and other Labuda.

Now I have another religion – blogging, and I want to do it professionally. Of course, I do not opportunity to realize his dream minutely, in any case be performed a certain way. But my ideal life looks like today – woke up when you wanted, sat at the computer, worked a couple of hours, I went work out something else, went back to the blog in the evening: in the company of a loved one or friend. You're free and independent, both personally financially. You can even do all my life to travel the world – the Internet has no boundaries, and your credit card can be removed everywhere. Freedom is in your hands, or rather, even at your fingertips! That's a goal I have, I think, not bad -). Many people do not think that the industrial age has over and began the age of information.

The world has prepared for that and gives every opportunity. Everyone has a choice – go to the factory grind out 100 items a day for $ 300 a month, or earn the same amount per day, making information and at the same time be completely free and happy man. Another read: What to make money. Review of Strategies earnings on the Internet plan that will ensure 100% success of the business

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