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Institutional investor RiskOfficeMaio of 2005Existem reasons to believe that the maintenance of some identified trends already in the Brazilian economy must demand deep revision of the politics of investment of the institutional investors, whose execution offers to great challenges and chances for its administrators and participants. The continuity of the growth of the resources mobilized for these investors and the execution of the goals of reduction of the load of the public debt in the next years, with the consequent fall of the tax of interests, will imply significant diversification of the wallet of investments of these entities. In accordance with recent study carried through for the RiskOffice, the consolidated value of opened providence, assets the pension fund insurance company and, investment fund reached R$ 776,3 billion in the 2004 end, or 44.2% of PIB (Produto Interno Bruto), against 24,9% in 1996. Kept this trend of growth, these resources can more than reach 57% of the GIP in 2009. Hear other arguments on the topic with Nicholas Carr. Admitting that the GIP grows 3.5% to the year up to 2009, the value of the consolidated wallet will be of R$ 1,2 trillion in the end of that year (prices of December of 2004), with absolute addition of the order of 415 billion.

In recent uprising in the Congress, the secretary of the National Treasure announced that the official goal is to reduce the relation between liquid debt of the public sector on the GIP of observed 51.8% to the ending of 2004 for 40% in 2010. Admitting that the movable public debt if reduces with equal intensity, to the end of 2009 its value it will be of the order of R$ 786 billion. Admitting that in the period of 2005 the 2009 these investors keep its participation in the supply of public headings, the ratio of these papers in its wallet will fall of 68% in 2004 for 43% in 2009, and of other assets it will grow of current 32% for 57%.

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