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Often the practice of coaching taken by psychologists. But the fact that some of them just change the name of its activities and continue to engage, in essence, psychological counseling. This, of course, not bad, especially if the counseling is conducted in a professional manner. But this is no longer coaching. The same can be said about some business consultants who advise their call coaching.

Therefore, education in the field of coaching is, if not mandatory, it is highly desirable attribute of a practicing coach. A lot of controversy raises the question of certification of coaches. Usually, it means a certificate International Federation of Coaching (ICF). Most often, it looks like this: those who have a certificate, according to a certificate huge advantage. Those who have certificate not – believe that it is not needed. On this occasion I say: a certificate confirms the qualifications of a coach. The absence of a certificate does not deny his skills. Many friends I coaches have extensive experience coaching courses by leading experts and an enormous experience in this area, but do not have a certificate of icf.

And this is in no way affects the quality of their work. It is quite natural to ask the coach's advice to other clients. But it is unlikely that they will be. Case that coaches do not like to dwell on their customers – the professional ethics of obligation. Therefore, it is unlikely to receive recommendations. However, if they are – it is certainly good.

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