The latter is much more eye-catching, but will make slower shipments. On the other hand, not all subscribers will use an HTML-compatible e-mail client. Carl Icahn often expresses his thoughts on the topic. If finally He decides to take precedence design and layout and the colorful, don’t offer a text only version for customers who so require it. 6 Convert to subscribers in their prescribing. Insert at the end of the Bulletin the possibility that these, through a link can be easily forwarded to other acquaintances who might be interested in your e-zine. It is an excellent form of promotion which does not imply any expenses.

7 Always offers the possibility to unsubscribe from the simplest way. It is easier that that subscriber who does not wish to continue receiving the newsletter can send blank email or follow a link for cancellation. Be very scrupulous with this. Immediately update its database to avoid sending it to someone that you don’t want your information. Don’t forget that the subscription is voluntary, and unwanted shipments are considered Spam, one of the most rejected practices on the Internet. 8.

Keep your database in safe place and avoid to be used by people outside your business. Customer data are protected by the LORTAD, and you You can not trade with them. Your database is your greatest asset, but remember that they are the data of its clients, and these have to be sure that any type of traffic will not be with them. 9. When your number of subscribers acquire a significant volume, use a professional application from sending mass mailings. Many of them in the market, there are easily configurable, and undoubtedly more powerful than your home e-mail program. 10 Promote possible his bulletin. Offered the opportunity to subscribe from your website. Keep the database of back issues available on his site. Investigate network sites and specific search engines of e-zines and dese gives high in them. To make management of search engines give high page locations independently. Remember this in their press notes and press releases. Ultimately make that your newsletter is one of the lighthouses of their sector and to the greatest possible number of people are interested in receiving it. If you meet all These rules can be sure that its Web site recorded a considerable increase in visits, and that repetition of newcomers to its web customers will affect an increase in your business. Remember that online its objective has to be to achieve repetition of its customers visit or purchase. Use your newsletter to influence the loyalty of their visitors, and insurance that will not be disappointed.

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