Investigative Methodology

For nearly 10 years, the Club’s research Cranfield(especializado en estudios sobre la planeacion de Cuentas Claves KAM), has investigated about this type of strategic planning. Table 1 describes the investigative process that consists of four phases: for phases 1 and 3, were carried out interviews aimed at companies, with a duration of two hours. Each interview was designed to ask questions based on the management of key accounts, since these allow to know the analysis of internal processes of the companies and the implementation of strategic projects. Filed under: Erin Callan. Phase 2 consisted in the application of a questionnaire to a mixed sample comprised by buyers (48%) and sellers (52%).Throughout stages 1 and 3, the companies participating in the process were organized by sectors, in order to establish common themes in industry, supply chain or product and service type. In phase 4, a survey was applied to 25 directors of key accounts (KAM Key Account Management), that previously had submitted their charts of accounts to the authors of this research for evaluation.

The survey was distributed and approved by key account managers. A summary of the results of phase 4, was presented by the directors at its Conference in sales. Structure of key account many plans of key account planning only included the internal structure of work and the financial goals of a year. A research participant explained that this is because the company operates in a very dynamic sector, and that long-term plans are obsolete (However, strategic product plans have been drawn up 3 to 5 years). The competition between the directors of individual accounts, generating inconsistencies within the strategic planning. They acknowledged that a poor planning can generate loss of resources: we have wasted resources. We should have had more processes from a principle, a better structure, and further adjustments for the future. (3 Phase supply) In the study, the majority of the companies were working to raise the levels of strategic planning, in a way that attention was focused on knowing the growth of companies with key accounts; In other words, the strategic vision of the companies.

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