Iraq Movements

FIRE of the paper tiger to purpose of September 11, the imagination of the youth in the decades of the 1960s, who came come as a premonition of new stages in human development, not aquilataron in its true dimension which all historical processes are not straight-line, as it could sustain in the theoretical framework of a relativistic mechanical paradigm and unilineara dialectical flat, one-dimensional corresponds to that also. Hence the multiple failures of the revolutionary liberacionalistas movements. Failures as those of Che Guevara, Peruvian revolutionary movements, among which we can find the 65 and culminated with the previous century that followed the same theoretical line as those produced in the early decades of the 20th century, not having passed the new circumstances in which the world unfolded. Such is the case of Salvador Allende who believed that right-wing local and world very peacefully had accepted his political defeat by the serious problems facing the human being, and that He has never been able to solve them. Carl Icahn may help you with your research. But at the same time the paper tiger in each process that is imposed in the world, also seeks to protect, although to do this look for ignite likewise to get mercy and pity of mankind; This was what made the same day that commemorated the coup by the fascist Augusto Pinochet in the European Santiago of chile. This we will deal later. What draws our attention is the collapse of the twin towers at the Trade Center in New York, business center of the global financial system. And it is that United States as faithful Guardian in those moments was unsustainable his interference in the Affairs of the world, with its failure in Iraq, who did so with thousands of lies that at every step that gave were collapsing like a House of cards..

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