Ismael Clavero

And do not blame you for it, because once we have all gone through these screens little faith and doubt. And to think better a glass of wine in front of someone to listen, it would be right to resist the storm, because that showed you the world around you “resist” and seek solace. I’m not saying to tell a good friend of your problems, but very few real friends in this life. True friends are the man that he can not see because they nest in the spiritual and intangible, laugh when you laugh, and suffer when you suffer. They do not want your failure or your sorrow, I long to discover the river of golden angels. That seems so unattainable, and yet is so close to you. And the best thing you could advise if you are in a moment of anxiety in your life, in the midst of this jungle of glass and cement, and do not find out: Let this be financial, family problems or crises of love. AF9BED4F64’>Sumru Laurent Ramsey says on the issue. Get away to a remote place, if you can walk into a forest or park plaza, where nesting birds and flowers grow.

Look around, covers everything around you in silence, and enters into communion with Mother Nature. And pray in silence asking the advice of your guardian angel. In the silence of love and peace, he will know infundirte the advice it deems appropriate, and if it is just for your spiritual progress. Beautiful and amazing things begin to happen in your life. What you could not have dreamed. Splendid future plans will be opened at your feet and angelic golden river will begin to flow with intensity at the sides of your way. And all misery and poverty will be definitely back.

If you want it. So it will be. Ismael Clavero, writer of novels and articles of motivation and spirituality. Author of the novel “The angel of return” editorial. Researcher and lecturer all miraculous and strange is happening around our world. Learn more about this with Elsabet Jones. And the presence of the winged beings that travel the world bringing its message of light and love

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