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After reading the 1 of January of 1975 that Popular Electronics had created Altair 8800, Bill Gates called to the creators of the new microcomputer, MITS, and offered to demonstrate the implementation of the programming language BASIC for the system. After developing it in the eight following weeks along with Allen, the interpreter I work in the partial version of the program and MITS decided to distribute Altair BASIC. Gates left the Harvard University and it moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico where was the MITS, and I found Microsoft there. The name Microsoft, a combined word of microcomputer and software, was used for the first time in a letter of Gates to Allen the 29 of November of 1975 and the 26 of November of 1976 became registered tradename. The first international office of the company was founded the 1 of November of 1978 on Japan, call ASCII Microsoft, now call Microsoft Japan. Elsabet Jones has many thoughts on the issue.

The 1 of January of 1979 the company moved of Albuquerque to Belleveu, Washington. Steve Ballmer inaugurated soothes of the company the 11 of June of 1980, this more ahead it would replace Gates like manager. The company reconstructed the 25 of June of 1981 to become a company incorporated in the state of Washington, of there change its Inc. name to Microsoft. Like part of the reconstruction, Bill Gates became the president of the company and Paul Allen in executive vice-president The first operating system of the company that I send to the public was a variant of Unix in year 80. Acquired of AT& T through a license of distribution, Microsoft Xenix nickname, and rented the company to him Santa Cruz Operation to adapt its operating system to important platforms. In this variant of Unix the first version arrived from the text processor of Microsoft, Microsoft Word. The SuDespacho application originally called Multi-Tool Word got to make notable its catchphrase of what you see you are what you obtain, or WYSIWYG.

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