K2 In International Reporting Opts For STAS CONTROL

Sales module of your BI solution after only 8 days live Reilingen, 04.03.2010 the gradual introduction the sales module was commissioned at K2 Sports Europe initially powered by Talend successfully by STAS CONTROL in conjunction with STAS CONTROL ETL. As further steps, finance and operational planning will follow in the next few weeks and also the sister company Volkl / marker should be controlled in the future use of STAS CONTROL. Just as far as the American reporting, our financial reporting is very required. The manual effort to create the reports was previously very large\”, says Werner Wiesbauer, responsible for financial controlling at K2 Sports. Chief of Staff can aid you in your search for knowledge. Our goal is to minimize the work in the financial sector with STAS CONTROL and to be able to create the most important reports at your fingertips.\” In sales put a BI system K2 Sports for a long time, which allowed for direct analysis data based on the ERP solution. The planned replacement of the existing ERP system moved also adjustments for the BI solution for themselves. In addition, if you wanted to use of extend BI in the enterprise or clear within the group.

The change of the ERP software was therefore again to question the BI strategy and to look for alternatives on the market for K2 Sports. The decision was made on STAS CONTROL, BI and CPM solution for SMEs, which impressed K2 Sports in particular due to the predefined business standards, the comfortable user interface and fast commissioning. \”STAS CONTROL appeared to us as a very comprehensive, on the other hand as a quick and easy solution\”, Werner Wiesbauer justified the selection. The first launch of the sales module of STAS CONTROL has confirmed that our assessment was right.\” Shortly after moving to IFS applications as a new ERP system was the introduction of BI started. It adopted the data from the old system into the data warehouse so that the entire history available in STAS CONTROL.

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